Thank you for visiting the Healing With Needles website and congratulations on taking the initiative and this step forward in healing yourself from the inside out.

If you have landed or clicked onto this site because you’ve either exhausted all your options with western medicine or just curious about how needles, cupping therapy, tuina, or herbal therapy work, pat yourself on the back for being courageous, fearless, and taking hold of your well being.  Let’s just say that healing with needles is not everyone’s first option for aches and pain.  Most of us would rather pop a pill and call it a day, but what happens when taking a pill no longer works or causes undesirable side effects?  That’s where Healing With Needles is a great option for helping you heal your body from the inside out.

Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine has been around for over 2000 years healing beyond science and sometimes beyond our understanding.  All these therapeutic methods (needles, cupping, tuina…) whether done independently or in combination, can help you manage your pain, stress, headache, anxiety, depression, asthma, infertility, muscle strains, sprains, nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal issues, and so much more. Finding natural ways to heal your body will help make a difference in your current health and daily routines.  Although, Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine can’t treat or cure everything, it is a very good start in helping to prevent diseases and in managing various health conditions.

Healing With Needles is a positive and relaxing place where you can express your health concerns in a stress free environment.  We are here to listen, evaluate, and treat your body in holistic ways.  Our practitioner will assist, educate, and challenge you in taking charge of your health and ensuring that day by day, step by step, you will obtain the health results that you envision.  *Please note that it may take more than one session to treat your health concerns and contingent on whether it is chronic or acute.  

Your health is not only dependent on the practitioner, but the “self”.  Healing starts with you and your mindset.  Move and center your energy, clear blockages, and balance your yin and yang.  Let your healing journey begin here with Healing With Needles!

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